CONFiDENCE (Monthly) - Allure Hazel/ Gray
  • EautraSil® Hydrophilic Silicone Technology with high oxygen transmissibility of Dk/t 187.5
  • Dot Matrix Colour Printing Technology and Unique Colour Blocking Technology
  • The UV protection shields your eyes from harmful UV rays
  • Solvent-free formula
Lens Specifications
Replacement Schedule Monthly
Water Content 47%
Oxygen Transmissibility Dk/t 187.5@-3.00D
Diameter 13 mm (Color Ring)
Base Curve 8.7 mm
Center Thickness 0.08mm@-3.00D
Power Range 0.00D ,-1.00D to -8.00D
-1.00D to -6.00D, 0.25D steps
-6.50D to -8.00D, 0.50D steps
Visibility Tint Allure Gray/ Hazel
Moisturizing Agents Hyaluronic Acid (HA) / Sodium Alginate (SA)
Package Size 1 piece

It is designed with light-colored, transparent petal patterns. Without a rigid limbal ring, this style adds a gentle touch and illuminating shades to your eyes.

EautraSil® Technology Brings Next Level of Eye Care, Comfort and Safety
The newly upgraded EautraSil® Technology enables wider gap in silicone molecules for more oxygen and wetting agent getting through lenses, leading to softer and high oxygen permeable lenses.

Dot Matrix Colour Printing Technology
The Key to Sparkling Eyes

Miacare contact lens is designed using the exclusive dot matrix pattern that blends naturally with your eye color while leaving ample space for oxygen to pass through, delivering ultimate comfort to your eyes. Giving you the best in beauty and health!

Unique Colour Blocking Technology for Fade Resistance
The layer printing technique keeps the pigmented layer in the center and isolated from the eye, while retaining its color over time making the lens safe for daily wear. Look good with healthy eyes!

Advanced Eye Care
The oxygen transmissibility of Allure is Dk/t 187.5, higher than the widely recommended Dk/t 125.

Hydrophilic Film & Smaller Wetting Angle
The lenses have a softer texture ensuring your eyes stay comfortable throughout.

Ultra Comfort
Lowest Modulus at 0.6 MPa
Enhances the lens' softness for better eye comfort.

Double Moisturizing Agents
Hyaluronic Acid and Sodium Alginate provides optimum hydration for a day-long comfortable wearing experience.

Superior Safety
Deposit Resistance

Prevents lipid and protein build-up ensuring a clear vision.

World's First Solvent-free Formula
The upgraded EautraSil®  is solvent free to minimize possibility of irritation and allergy.

UV Blocking
Protect your eyes against harmful UV rays with ANSI Z80.20 Class II UV-blocking